The 3Cs Your Content Strategy Needs Right Now

When a consumer wants to watch streaming video, they can choose any number of providers. When their fingers are poised over their mobile device – will your service be the one they choose? What can you do right now to get that consumer, in that moment of choice, to come to your brand as their content destination? It all starts with mastering the 3Cs.


Find the Right Content Mix

Part of encouraging consumers to choose your service is offering choice; and it’s not as simple as serving up movies that are recommended for them — offering choices across the viewing spectrum of streaming movies, TV content and live events is the ideal mix to create an experience that encourages repeat visits.


Creating the right blend of content means providers need to work together to create a one-stop-shop for both paid and streamed content. In order to compete in today’s digital economy, it’s critical for digital service providers (DSPs) to bring together the right mix of content types by forging partnerships and constructing a consolidated, seamless, one-stop-shop subscriber portal for search, content management and billing across each personalized bundle of video content.


To build a user experience on par with giant competitors such as Amazon and Netflix, providers should prioritize developing enhanced features such as integrated recommendations and search, not only for a single service, but across as many distinct services through partnerships wherever possible.


Customer Care Starts with the Customer Experience

With the number of streaming options increasing and the average streamer using up to 6 different services, it is natural that streamers would seek features that make it easy to get to the content they want. Making it easy includes:

  • On-the-go connection through mobile apps and online streaming, so consumers can bring your brand into their experience wherever they go and through whatever device they have at hand.
  • Multi-profile apps with integrated recommendation that track the content of each member of the house to personalize the user experience, and help each user discover the content that is perfect for their tastes.
  • Integrated search to allow users to find content no matter what service whether live or on demand.

When it comes to the customer experience, much of the focus tends to be around building fresh, new experiences for younger consumers. However, it’s important not to neglect selling new content services to the customers you already have. Some of the greatest opportunities exist in expanding existing relationships across physical and digital, or ensure that if consumers are used to accessing content in one fashion that you don’t disrupt, but rather, expand that relationship. The key is to enable quick experiments with different packages and services to move with changing market demands and the preferences of both new and existing customers.


Commerce – Flexible, Easy, Mobile

it’s ironic that a mundane thing like how to pay, and how easy it is to pay, can mean the difference between a loyal customer and a one-time purchase. Ironic but true; the day a consumer can’t cash in a gift card to watch “Rogue One” can send them searching to redeem the card elsewhere.


DSPs know that consumers are willing to pay for their favorite content – the question has become – how easy can you make it for consumers to buy quickly and conveniently?


The digital wallet, or e-Wallet, has been discussed for years, but only now, fueled by consumer demand, is it really beginning to gain traction. The e-Wallet allows consumers to store their credit or debit cards, PayPal accounts, brand specific or external loyalty schemes, and even coupons or gift cards they have received, all in one centralized location. When the consumer is sitting at the office and wants to purchase content to watch on the train home – they can choose to incorporate it on their existing bill, or use a voucher or gift card to pay. For the consumer, buying content from a preferred source while on the go becomes the norm – and for the Digital Service Provider, the transaction and revenue flows through its ecosystem seamlessly, regardless of whether the content was charged to the monthly bill or another payment method.


Bringing it Together

From a back-office perspective, supporting the 3 Cs of content, care and commerce requires a cloud-based environment suited for a mix of digital services. To launch new digital services quickly (and often) requires a nimble Digital Services platform that can flex to support the content partner ecosystem and new customer experience models.


CSG’s approach to this challenge includes Ascendon, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-based platform that gives organizations the flexibility to transition to digital services without adding extraordinary amounts of time, resources, complexity and cost by deploying a separate stack that integrates with legacy systems.


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