Artificial Intelligence Enhances Customer Interactions

CSG, 2019-02-28

Leaders from AT&T, Telefónica, Elisa and KDDI Research discussed the applications of automation and artificial intelligence in the session “AI and the Operator Automation Opportunity for CX” on Day 3 of MWC Barcelona.

5G Presents Opportunities and Challenges for Mobile Industry

CSG, 2019-02-27

The entire telecom industry is buzzing around the potential of 5G and how its improved connectivity will improve lives and business operations. But while there’s excitement, there’s also pragmatism as operators assess what changes will need to take place to make 5G a reality. Executives from Liberty Global, Telstra and Etisalat participated in “The Next […]

Sports Fans Rally for Diverse Viewing Options

CSG, 2019-02-26

Sports fans’ access to content is changing. Fans are still watching their favorite teams and athletes, but they’re following along while they’re on the go instead of at home. And according to industry leaders, that’s the way fans want it.

Mobile Plays Big Role In Connected Commerce

CSG, 2019-02-26

Commerce used to be limited to brick-and-mortar stores, but not anymore. People can buy anything, anywhere, at any time—and more and more, they’re using their mobile devices. Executives from Citi, Niantic and Groupon spoke about how mobile is revolutionizing commerce in the “Intelligently Connected Experiences” keynote on Day 2 of MWC Barcelona.

Unlocking the Value Of 5G For Enterprise

CSG, 2019-02-25

The initial hype surrounding 5G has focused on the consumer market—faster internet speeds, higher quality video streaming, and so on. But there’s an untapped opportunity in the enterprise—specifically, a $4.3 trillion opportunity. In the “Unlocking the benefits of 5G for the Enterprise Market” session on Day 1 of MWC Barcelona, leaders from KPMG, Samsung Electronics […]

Digital Customer Experiences Need Digital Transformation

CSG, 2019-02-25

Almost 90 percent of customers want companies to deliver a more seamless experience. And with more and more customers using digital channels—especially mobile—companies must to transform to offer fast, secure and convenient experiences.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: The Winning Strategy

CSG, 2018-11-19

The predictions are in and it’s encouraging news for retailers this holiday season. Are you ready to cash in? A winning strategy that delivers during the holidays is so obvious it’s often overlooked.

5G and AI Will Transform Mobile Industry

CSG, 2018-09-13

5G and artificial intelligence were the biggest trends discussed on day 1 of Mobile World Congress Americas. Following Verizon’s announcement of their Oct 1st 5G launch this week the topic is even hotter, find out what thought leaders from around the globe are saying.