Industry Experts

Brian Shepherd Photo
Brian Shepherd

Executive Vice President and Group President

Liz Bauer Photo
Liz Bauer

Senior Vice President, Chief Communications and Investor Relations Officer

Jim Benz

Vice President, Business Development, Ascendon

Sean Casey

Executive Director, Product Management

Brice Clinton

Senior Engineer

Chad Dunavant Photo
Chad Dunavant

Head of Global Product Management

Scott Dutton

Executive Director, Product Management

Karen Eckmann

Vice President, Corporate Communications

Jill Edmundson

Senior Product Manager

Haifa El Ashkar

Executive Director, Managed Services

Steve Garberich

Head of Global Total Rewards & HR Operations

Alam Gill

Senior Vice President, Global Managed Services and EMEA Customer Business

Lonnie Mahrt Photo
Lonnie Mahrt

Senior Vice President and Head of Customer Communications Management

Arvind Mehra

General Manager, India Delivery Center

Christine Mellon Photo
Christine Mellon

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Michelle Nowak

Vice President, Product Management

Bruce O’Neel

Vice President, Global Human Resources

David Pendery

Executive Director, Corporate Marketing

Geoff Preston

Vice President, Development and Operations

Scott Prugh

Chief Architect and Senior Vice President, Software Development

Max Rocha

Director, Global Talent Acquisition

Kent Steffen Photo
Kent Steffen

President, Ascendon Digital Services and OTT

Adrianne Steiss

Executive Director of Marketing, Broadband, Cable and Satellite

Doran Stienike

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Richard Ullenius

Vice President, Global Managed Services

Ian Watterson

Head of Americas and Asia-Pacific