CSG Wholesale SaaS

The wholesale market changes rapidly, with new regulations showing up as often as new competitors. Operators need a wholesale solution that adapts as fast as the market does—CSG Wholesale SaaS.

Handle Every Kind of Mobile Traffic

The wholesale market has dynamic requirements, driven by regulatory bodies and intense competition. But with tight margins it takes significant time and resources to justify system upgrades and improvements, taking focus away from real business operational improvement. Operators are missing out on the latest functionality to support market demands, instead directing investment to propping up legacy systems.

Stay ahead of market changes and reduce costs with CSG Wholesale SaaS. The solution is a cloud-based, out-of-the-box service offering, bringing together the best of the CSG Wholesale suite. The software always up-to-date and automates your data-driven operations through client interfaces and published APIs. Our expert managed services team can also handle the day-to-day operations, letting you focus on your business requirements.

Wholesale SaaS Features

Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating national and international operations. Handle every kind of traffic through a centralized, integrated platform, and take advantage of plug-and-play functionality to design a solution that works for you. Increase productivity with streamlined and automated processes that seamlessly integrate with your other systems.


Wholesale SaaS is available as an end-to-end solution, or you can choose the components you need to create a solution tailored to your business.


CSG Wholesale SaaS easily integrates with the systems you already have. The Wholesale SaaS infrastructure supports REST APIs, standardized interfaces for incoming and outgoing file interfaces, and bulk data update and extract mechanisms.


CSG Wholesale SaaS is designed with security and data sovereignty in mind. We understand the importance of security, which is why Wholesale SaaS is hosted in a secure cloud environment.



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