CSG Wholesale

CSG Wholesale is an integrated platform of solutions that helps you manage relationships with other carriers, service providers and business partners.

Comprehensive Support for Every Kind of Partner

Few markets are as competitive or as fast-moving as wholesale telecom. With players and partners constantly in flux, future profits hinge on your ability to adapt to new technology and quickly respond to new business opportunities. Take control of your wholesale business with CSG Wholesale.

CSG Wholesale is the leading choice of telecom operators worldwide. The CSG Wholesale suite—Interconnect, Route, Assure and Exchange—helps you protect and improve interconnect margins and improve the customer experience through comprehensive billing, rating and revenue management.

Tailored to Your Business

CSG Wholesale is available on-premise or as a SaaS solution—whatever deployment model works best for your business. The SaaS solution is always up-to-date and automates your data-driven operations through client interfaces and published APIs.

Partner Management & Settlement

Bill and settle with external business entities, with other operators, and with an increasingly wide range of other commercial organizations.

Trading and Routing

Manage the way you route traffic to foreign destinations—checking costs, quality, and other variables that may have a significant impact on margins.

Service Assurance & Fraud Protection

Check that you—and your customers—are getting the quality you pay other carriers for, and that you are not being defrauded of revenue for incoming calls.

CSG Wholesale Suite


You have to work with new partners to offer the video, app and communications services customer want. Bill and settle for traditional and digital services with new partners with CSG Interconnect.

CSG Route

Take operational control of traffic trading and routing, along with automated network provisioning of commercial routing orders, from a single integrated system.

CSG Assure

Don’t let poor call quality compromise the customer experience–and your profits. Verify quality and detect fraud in your international voice and text traffic.

CSG Exchange

Operators have hundreds or even thousands of active agreements in place with their interconnect partners, each requiring rate sheets, statements and more to be exchanged. Simplify and expedite the exchange process, freeing up skilled resources and minimizing costly partner disputes.

CSG Detect

Phone fraud is a nuisance for millions of consumers, enterprises and service providers. If CSPs don’t have the right fraud management systems in place, they put their revenue and reputation at risk. Use our combined active and passive testing solution, CSG Detect, to stop fraud before it starts.



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