CSG Dash

Unlock the true potential of your data with analytics & business intelligence dashboards.

Is your company drowning in data? From wearables and health sensors to smart vehicles, smart cities and connected homes, the amount of data generated by connected devices is ever-increasing. With more data to manage than ever, the ability to find insights that make a meaningful impact on your business is worth its weight in gold.

Don’t get mired down in spreadsheets for hours searching for a signal in the noise—instead, start guiding informed, strategic decisions your business relies on, with real-time insights and actionable data just a click away.

Turn your wealth of data into profit

With decades of experience in BSS and OSS, CSG knows how complex telecom data can be. That’s why we built CSG Dash, an analytics and business intelligence solution. With Dash, you can manage, analyze and share data across your entire organization, enabling the decisions you need to make today to support your business tomorrow.

With CSG Dash’s analytics and business intelligence, you can:

  • Monitor trends and quickly react to new opportunities with real-time dashboards
  • Automatically notify stakeholders when a critical KPI has been surpassed (e.g., outage percentage threshold)
  • Stay informed from anywhere, with support for web browsers and mobile devices
  • Maintain a single source of truth with a cloud-native overlay for your existing data warehouse

Say goodbye to inflexible BI

Many BI providers want you to buy an entire, full-featured package, with no flexibility on the reports or data sources that you want. But with CSG Dash, you get the reports and insights you need without the massive price-tag you don’t. With our platform and your data, you’ll be able to build custom reports and dashboards for the only business that matters: yours.

Data Source and Platform Agnostic

CSG Dash collects the data you want to analyze and monitor from other CSG applications, as well as external data sources. CSG Dash is a feature rich platform utilizing plug-and-play configuration, with 600+ pre-built connectors and custom API support that’s product and platform agnostic.

Harness The Power Of Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

Want to make your analytics and BI even more intelligent? Add predictive analytics for Dash, with machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that can anticipate outcomes and recommend the best course of action in real-time.



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Is your company drowning in data? From wearables and health sensors to smart vehicles, smart cities and connected homes, the amount of data generat ...

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