CSG Assure Calling Line Identification

If subscribers can see who is calling, they're more likely to answer. But if they can’t see who is calling, they may not pick up, costing you millions. Verify calling line identifiers with CSG Assure.

Increase Profitability With Calling Line Identification

A growing number of international calls are terminated on mobile phones, increasing the demand for calling line identifiers (CLI) to achieve call acceptance. The growing use of blended CLI and non-CLI routes makes it more likely that the CLI is not being displayed at key destinations.

CSG Assure CLI Testing lets you test partners and routes to ensure that your traffic is being routed and delivered optimally. CSG Assure helps verify true end-to-end CLI delivery. The service is powered by the Assure Global Test Network, a proprietary test network which covers more than 450 mobile networks. CSG Assure has become the standard for carriers seeking to protect and secure margin through guaranteed CLI delivery and other key quality features to destinations worldwide.



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