CSG Assure False Answer Supervision (FAS)

False charges—even when not your fault—can cost you millions, leading to customer churn and damaging your reputation. To preserve your customer relationships, put an end to FAS with CSG Assure.

Prevent False Answer Supervision (FAS)

False answer supervision (FAS) fraud is an industry-wide problem, driven by the increase in VoIP networks and more competitive suppliers. Whether committed intentionally or not, FAS occurs when consumers are billed for minutes they didn’t use, or for calls that were never completed. The effects of FAS ripple throughout the industry: consuming carriers’ customer service resources; damaging relations between a carrier, its end user and wholesale customers; and often subsidizing the below-market fees that unscrupulous operators charge to attract large volumes of traffic.

Assure is the industry’s most widely used and proven quality assurance solution. A fully managed service with very quick setup and payback, Assure can prevent FAS—the over-charging of successful calls or invoicing of calls that have not been properly answered. Assure lets you detect post-charging, pre-charging and false connection problems with a single test call. Operators can test any product or connected supplier for FAS.



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