CSG Assure Illegal Bypass Detection

Illegal bypass termination (SIM box termination) is one of the biggest interconnect fraud issues. Stop losing revenue to SIM boxes and start blocking more calls with CSG Illegal Bypass Detection.

Identify and Eradicate SIM Box Fraud

Fraud presents a huge problem for mobile operators around the world, costing over $29 billion annually. But of all the different interconnect fraud issues, illegal bypass termination is by far the largest. The simplest way of committing illegal bypass fraud involves setting up a SIM box (GSM gateway) and routing calls via an internet connection to the SIM box residing in the terminating country. The SIM box then converts the call into a local mobile call to the receiving party on the mobile network.

CSG Illegal Bypass Detection allows operators to proactively identify and eradicate illegal SIM box numbers. The solution generates end-to-end controlled test calls from abroad into the target mobile networks where test nodes are placed. The CLI is inspected; a local CLI normally indicates a SIM box number and can be acted upon accordingly.

Illegal Bypass Detection

CSG provides its Illegal Bypass Detection as a managed service, allowing fast setup and minimal involvement from the operator to ensure a fast return on investment. The flexible alerting and reporting features of CSG Illegal Bypass Detection enable the delivery of instant SIM box alerts, as well as aggregated and detailed test reports for the customer.

Multiple Call Origination Alternatives

Since only some of the traffic coming into the country will be subject to illegal bypass, simulate a large variety of traffic streams into the target network.

Intelligent Call Generation

Since every test call is associated with cost/network resource consumption, it is important to achieve a high ratio of found SIM box numbers per test call.

Powerful Alerts and Reporting

Since speed is important, get instant alerts when a SIM box number is found. Monitor the progress of successful SIM box elimination over time with robust reporting.



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