CSG Singleview Commerce Engine

The world is growing increasingly real time. With Singleview Commerce Engine, you can support real-time transactions, account and balance management.

Create a common, flexible transaction charging framework

The world is growing increasingly real time, with telecommunications at the forefront. Consumers need everything now (if not before) and they want it newer and better and faster. Prepay is the dominant global payment method, but prepaid charging traditionally was more straightforward than the sophisticated and varied new services, and value-driven charging algorithms, required today. And critically, alerts, sales and loyalty opportunities, and service messages must be delivered in real time or not at all.

Singleview intrinsically supports real-time transactions. The Singleview suite uses a common rating engine, product catalog and business rules: Commerce Engine. The solution extends the Singleview footprint towards the network, adding real-time account and balance management— Singleview’s 3GPP-compliant Online Charging System. Commerce Engine provides real-time authorization and credit control for voice, data, content and commerce services, creating a common, flexible, transaction charging framework across any network or service platform—performing the Online Charging Function.

Commerce Engine Features

Commerce Engine provides a common framework for Service Control Platforms, mobile data gateways, content providers, m-Commerce servers, and other applications. It can also interact with a PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function)—either CSG’s or an alternative—should this be in place.

Support New Business Models

Singleview flexibility of customer and product models supports the creation of innovative convergent pricing offers including for enterprise customers. Rating handles multiple currency and non-currency tariffs and can generate multiple charges for the same event against different wallets.

Support More Customers

A highly scalable transaction charging framework manages all types of customer accounts―prepaid, postpaid or hybrid. All accounts are managed in the same way: the account’s policy drives whether a service is restricted, giving complete control over how to market services.

Support Higher Volumes

Singleview scales both horizontally and vertically with near-linear scalability benchmarked. Servers can be added to support data volume growth. Processes and business rules can be tuned for optimization to support growth—without outages.



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