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Customer Journey Management  Software

Customer journey management (CJM) software shows each unique path consumersake with your company and catalogs their sentiment at each touchpoint throughout the journey. By implementing CJM, you’ll gain context and a better understanding of the customer experience when making decisions.

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey is a series of interactions that a customer has with a brand for any particular task or decision. The customer is the one who decides which actions to take at each step in the process, but the business has the opportunity to guide customers’ decisions and behaviors toward a desired outcome. The customer journey is sometimes confused with the buyer’s journey—but the two are distinct. While a buyer’s journey traces a person’s progress from before to after a purchase,he customer journey focuses on each touchpoint a person has with a company along the way. 

The customer journey is also often connected to the marketing funnel, but it isn’t the same thing. The marketing funnel is a straight-down sales process model, usually from the company’s point of view.

How does the customer journey progress?

The journey a customer may take—from first learning about your company to finally making a purchase or subscribing—is usually a circuitous one.

Customers may take several varied steps (that often loop back on each other) between awareness/discovery and purchase. Someone may view social media ads, place an item in the shopping cart, browse other companies’ websites, abandon the cart, complete the purchase a few days later, call to check on delivery status and then return the item when it doesn’t fit.

Another way to look at a customer journey is as a story. It shows how customers interact with your company, from when they first learn about it to their first purchase to usage and retention.

Customer Journey Orchestration for Marketers

Mapping the customer journey



During this stage,he customer first learns about a company.



Then,hey research how the products and services available might help them.


Buy and onboard

In this phase,he customer either chooses to move forward with the company or work with another.


Use and support

In the product/service usage and retention phase,he company works to re-win a customer’s business, keep them coming back or continue use.



In this loyalty phase, a customer has decided to continue working with a company. Now,he business may use that loyalty to get the customer to tell their friends or make referrals.

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Our Customer Journey Management Software Features

CSG Xponent is the intelligent brain analyzes data, anticipates customers’ future needs and guides actions. CJM software excels in these key four areas in real time:

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Stitching Together a Unified Customer Profile

Track and listen to prospects and customers as they move from interaction to interaction and transition from unknown to known. See the customer management journey as an evolving holistic profile.


Utilizing Customer Intent

Place customers in the correct journey and deliver the best next experience, such as an offer, suppression and routing to another important touch pointrnrn 

Centralized and Intelligent Decisioning

Use rules, artificial intelligence, machine learning and in-house models to make the right decisions about when, where and what to surface up to the customer in real time.


Orchestrating Omnichannel Customer Journeys

Deliver, activate and test recommendations, audiences, suppressions, communications and content based on where your customers are in their journey—seamlessly and regardless of channel

Why CSG Xponent CJM?


Journey-as-a-Service (JaaS)

Customer journeys are complicated. Designing them doesn’t have to be. Use pre-built journeys from our JaaS library for a quick start.


Real-Time Interactions

CSG Xponent connects all your communications tools, so customers enjoy the same level of personalization even when they switch channels.

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Get the support you need

You can take the DIY approach and develop and test customer journeys in-house. You also have the option of letting our team manage everything for you. Your people will be free for other projects—the choice is yours.

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