5 Buying Criteria for Cloud-Native OCS

Buyer's Guide | 612.1 KB

Many online charging systems (OCS) that claim to be cloud-native aren’t taking advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. The solutions are based on traditional software that is lifted and shifted to the cloud, meaning they’re reliant on costly infrastructure and upgrades.

In the buyer’s guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why hosting an OCS in multiple cloud environments is detrimental
  • Why a solution needs regular SaaS updates
  • Why true-cloud native OCS aren’t tied to physical servers
  • Why a cloud-native OCS should be part of a larger comprehensive solution
  • Why a solution needs to support different business models

Download the buyer’s guide to learn the five buying criteria for a cloud-native OCS, and see how Ascendon Rating & Charging compares to the competition.