CSG Intermediate: Launch new revenue generating services faster and reduce costs

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Across the globe, regulators are licensing spectrum for deploying new network evolutions (LTE, LTE-Advanced and eventually 5G), and operators are quickly launching innovative new services, like VoLTE and M2M services, for even more connected devices (smart watches/wearables, connected and driverless cars, and the Internet of Things). Aggressive competition for the commercial launch of such services means charging and billing departments are coming under increased pressure to roll out new products quickly and rapidly integrate new networks. And there is an opportunity for fast-moving operators to beat the competition to market and win early market share.


CSG Intermediate presents the most powerful, reliable and cost-effective convergent mediation solution available on the market. Active Mediation Manager is an optional Intermediate module for online mediation and next-generation charging control. Highly flexible and configurable, it is built with the future in mind. It helps operators roll out next-generation services, controlling in-session interactions between any service delivery network and business systems.