Digital Leadership Summit Recording: Growth Unlocked, with Intelligent BSS


In order for CSPs to monetize all that 5G and B2B2X enables today and in the future, they will need to transform their Business Support Systems (BSS). This will ensure CSPs can quickly and easily reinvent their core business, develop B2B2X ecosystem partnerships and drive new revenue growth.

In this session, we will:

  1. Explore how transforming the BSS gives CSPs the opportunity to accelerate innovation and monetize 5G, edge, and enterprise transformation
  2. Understand how to reduce risk in your BSS transformation
  3. Hear from service providers who have modernized their BSS, learn from then the strategies and techniques which were successful, and the pit-falls to avoid.
  4. Consider the non-technical changes which are required to make the legacy modernization successful, especially cultural, and financial changes.