Guide to Showing ROI: 6 Better Ways to Justify Your CX Spend

Struggling to make your case for CX spend in a way that gets heard? Over the course of his 16+ year career, Dan Hartman, CX Client Value Director at CSG, developed six ways to rethink your approach. Now, he’s sharing his strategy in the Guide to Showing ROI.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Collaborate across teams to unite your CX metrics to quantifiable value
  • Make your case effectively by speaking the language of the business
  • Prioritize efforts tied to the larger goals and objectives of the organization
  • Measure results with testing methods that yield trustworthy data


Plus, discover how to apply these guiding principles successfully with practical examples.

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Customer experience teams face mounting pressure to prove ROI on tighter timelines. With limited resources and intangible outcomes, it’s a challenge that puts programs at risk. Shift your thinking to achieve short-term wins that stand up to budget scrutiny with these six strategies for showing CX ROI.

Hear from Dan Hartman, CX Client Value Director at CSG, how he was able to overcome common objections and obstacles to drive tangible value to his CX program.

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