Optimizing the Cable & Broadband Customer Experience Study: Thriving in the New Reality of 2021

Industry Report | 1.8 MB

Survey of Cable & Broadband Execs on the Challenges and Opportunities Today and Beyond

This unique study, developed by Cablefax and CSG, analyzes how leading cable and broadband providers, telcos and other distributors have changed their customer engagement activities and business strategies during the challenging year of 2020.

Cablefax surveyed industry executives to determine priorities, trends and best practices in the COVID-19 era, and the actions they are taking to survive and thrive in this new reality. The report includes insights and analysis covering:

  • Trends and outlook on cord cutting, self-installs, smart-home solutions and 5G
  • How cable and broadband customer behavior is changing
  • How COVID-19 has impacted customer service interactions and operations
  • Field technician social distancing and safety programs
  • Challenges and opportunities arising from these shifts and changes

The data and information in this report will help executives make more informed decisions and improve strategies and tactics during this challenging time.