Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan Report—Cloudification and Transformation: Peas in a Pod

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Communications service providers want to be “digital services providers.” In this light, CSPs become more “customer engaging,” and pick up new revenue streams along the way. The elephant in the room: Can a network operator be a provider of digital services and engage customers digitally the way many enterprises now run their business? The answer is a surprising and emphatic yes, if the right system updates and business process changes are made.

This report explains why digital transformation is about the operations, business management, and monetization processes tied to CSP network transformation. It provides insight into how deployed systems and current IT development processes are causing CSPs to lose ground in the race to provide their customers with a highly engaged experience, and how solutions such as CSG’s Ascendon platform are now positioned to satisfy such needs in a fast and effective manner, in part by leveraging the computing and data management functions that public cloud providers such as AWS offer to all of their customers.