Data Sheets

Wholesale Managed Services

Deliver innovative services faster and cut costs from your business with CSG Wholesale Managed Services.

Security Data Orchestrator

CSG Security Data Orchestrator enables you to streamline the handling of alert and log information and strengthen your security operations.

CSG Interactive Bill

Billing is a crucial part of the customer experience, and it’s an area that’s ready for digital transformation with CSG Interactive Bill.

eSIM Management Solution

Support both consumer and IoT eSIM scenarios in a single solution, and bill device usage against single or multiple numbers or networks with CSG eSIM Management Solution.

RAN Sharing Monetization

The CSG RAN Sharing Monetization solution helps mobile operators maximize the return on their network investments, and earn incremental revenue by automating the revenue management and assurance process.

5G Mediation Solution

CSG 5G Mediation Solution provides a cost-effective and efficient way for service providers to seize the 5G opportunity with minimal risk and disruption to existing systems.

Singleview for GDPR

Singleview for GDPR is a complete service and solution, designed to offer data protection out-of-the-box to comply with GDPR and reduce the risk of fines and loss of reputation.

Digital Desktop

CSG Digital Desktop gives agents a consolidated, single-pane view of digital customer interactions.