Data Sheets

Active Mediation

Active Mediation helps operators roll out next generation services, controlling in-session interactions between any service delivery network and business systems.

Route for GDPR

CSG Route offers proven, industry-standard capabilities that support the key requirements for maintaining GDPR compliance.

Wholesale Billing Management Solutions SaaS

CSG Wholesale Billing Management Solutions SaaS helps you protect and improve interconnect margins and improve the customer experience through comprehensive billing, rating and revenue management.

Roaming Settlement Solution

CSG Roaming Settlement Solution handles huge transaction volumes with ease and allows the carrier to directly manage roaming relationships with their most strategically important partners

Routing Optimization

Protect margins and increase profits with the CSG Routing Optimization solution, the market-leading least cost routing solution.

Journey Orchestration

Consumers judge their experience on the entire relationship, not individual touchpoints. Create exceptional omnichannel customer journeys with CSG Journey Orchestration.

CSG International Settlement

CSG International Settlement provides complete operational and financial control of your business-to-business interactions to maximize revenue and grow relationships with strategic partners.