Data Sheets

Billing Mediation

With hundreds of global installations, CSG is one of the most trusted offline and online mediation solutions in the world, processing over 76 billion events per day for our largest clients across the globe.

CSG Singleview Mobile Industry Solution

Today, it’s not enough to get new services to market quickly. You need to create and launch new offers faster than both your network and OTT competitors, and faster than your customers can dream up what they want next.

CSG Assure Carrier Testing

Voice carriers face a rapidly changing and increasingly challenging environment—how can they stay ahead?

Smart City Solution

70 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. Are you ready?

Phone Affinity

Staying up-to-date with a customer’s preferred phone number isn’t just recommended—it’s required under federal law.

CSG Insight

Proactively managing your voice and IPX QoS increases customer and partner satisfaction and drives revenue.