White Papers

Future Networks – A Formula for Success?

This whitepaper looks at the arrival of 4G as the last detail of the next generation network topology and asks: can the market ever reach its full potential without a fully upgraded business support systems beneath it?

Moving to the Cloud Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

What business are you in? Are you in the business of running a contact center, or are you in the business of running your business? Get your head in the clouds and learn how a hosted cloud contact center puts the focus back on your business.

Optimizing Field Service Operations with GPS

GPS is more than just a technology to find the nearest coffee shop. It's a powerful tool that gives operators a real-time look into their operations. Learn how GPS technologies can improve your field force's productivity in this whitepaper.

The Importance of the Cyber Data Management Node

Data breaches are happening more and more regularly, but that doesn't have to be the case. Learn how CSG provides large data management solutions to governmental organizations while fulfilling the requirements for the National Cybersecurity Initiative.