Webinar: How to Build a Business Case for AI


AI technology is changing the face of customer communications and allowing enterprises to leverage this technology to gain operational efficiencies. In this session, attendees will learn how to deliver the best customer-centric experience while balancing increased operational costs. Attendees will also hear how to successfully implement AI technology that is not just a “dumb bot” but can provide smart, personalized experiences in any channel. The audience will get an inside look at a real-world example of a virtual agent with full transaction capability on web and messaging platforms.

You’ll learn:

  • The power of smart, conversational AI customer experiences and how they can impact your business
  • How to create a successful business case to support the implementation of AI technology across a variety of use cases
  • How to evaluate current AI technologies implemented and identify opportunities for improvement

Featuring Speaker:

Amy Allen – Senior Product Manager – AI at CSG

As seen at DSF ’20 Live, November 9-10