Product Configurator

Billing Configuration

Design new products and promotions based on customer demand, sales channels, timing and more. CSG Product Configurator makes it easy to edit product portfolios so you can quickly launch and iterate on offers, reducing time to market.

CSG Product Configurator controls all of the data, rules and processes associated with products, services and bundles—from initial pricing and packaging to provisioning, billing and physical inventory. Its centralization reduces the time and resources required to manage product and price changes, saving you money and getting you to market faster. Product Configurator is built into ACSR, displaying the information agents need to create customer offers.

Enhanced Sales Edition

Simplify complex service offerings and bundles with CSG’s award-winning Enhanced Sales Edition (ESE). Manage and define service packages so that every department—from call center staff to marketing to billing—is unified around a common goal.

Set up billing tables through Product Configurator, reducing time to build, update and manage the solution. Streamline offer and bundle setup and make changes in real-time. With assisted sales scripting, agents can upsell and cross-sell offers with targeted recommendations throughout the sales process.

For one client, Enhanced Sales Edition:

  • Reduced average call handle times by 29 seconds
  • Increased triple play orders by 27 percent
  • Deployed the solution in just 60 days

ESE Promotions

Building off of Enhanced Sales Edition, ESE Promotions lets you create custom pricing plans to move customers from one service tier to another. It doesn’t matter what plan the customer has—build in multiple price points to the promotion. Avoid prorating by promoting offers only during the billing cycle.

Customize how statements appear with promotional and savings messages. Print an offer on the statement highlighting the next package up—and when the promotion runs out.


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