Interface Overview

Offer Management

Sell customers offers they care about, based on demographics, purchase patterns and more. Offer Management comes with pre-built promotions and offers, increasing efficiency and scalability while matching each customer with the right offer.

Call center agents can draw from a pre-defined database, taking the complexity out of the selling process. They can easily upsell and cross-sell process with targeted recommendations, down to even what’s in the customer’s shopping cart.

  • Decrease order fallout with tailored sales pitches
  • Increase revenue per sale with upsells based on configured offers
  • Extend transition periods and penalties to customers based on pre-defined rule sets

Streamline your sales operations with built-in interfaces like:

  • Event Notifications
  • CSG Smartlink BOS
  • Event Process Systems (EPS)
  • SLBOS/ENI Sandbox
  • High Speed Data (HSD) Interface
  • High Speed Data (HSD) Rating
  • Video on Demand (VOD) Interface
  • Service Order Distribution
  • CCS Centric Interface
  • Audio-response Unit (ARU) Interface


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