CLI Verification

Increase profitability with calling line identification.

If your subscribers can see who is calling, they are more likely to answer, making you money. But if they can’t see who is on the other line, they may ignore the call, collectively costing you millions.

Every year, service providers (mobile operators, MVNOs and resellers) just like you lose revenue because of missing or incorrect Calling Line Identification. Without CLI verification, frustrated subscribers are prone to decline calls and are unable to return missed calls, a further revenue loss. The growing use of blended CLI and non-CLI routes increases the chance that CLI will be lost before the end user receives the call. In addition, verifying CLI on calls passed from country to country has been nearly impossible. Until now.

Assure is the industry’s most widely used and proven quality assurance solution. A fully managed service with very quick setup and payback, CSG Assure helps verify end-to-end CLI delivery, helping you maximize revenue and retain happy customers.

With Assure, you can:

  • Verify true end-to-end CLI delivery
  • Receive real-time results
  • Maximize revenue by allowing subscribers to identify and answer or return high-margin calls
  • Confirm higher route quality and the absence of SIM boxes
  • Demonstrate and prove your call quality, attracting operators or resellers to use your network

Assure is based on CSG’s proprietary test network covering more than 450 mobile operators worldwide. Our SaaS delivery models mean Assure can be easily implemented within one week.


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