SIMbox Fraud

In January 2015, an alleged SIM box fraudster was arrested in Ghana in possession of 21,232 SIM cards from one of the local operators. The activities of the fraudsters had led to a revenue loss of $33 million dollars within a five to seven month period. Could this be happening to you?

CSG Assure is a highly effective test call-based SIM Box detection solution. CSG is currently working with the fraud departments of operators across Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to detect, report on, and eradicate SIM box fraud.

Assure detects illegal bypass termination, or SIM box fraud, the single largest interconnect fraud issue, estimated to cost operators more than $2 billion dollars in lost revenue yearly.

For a large Asian mobile operator using the solution, all identified unique SIM box numbers are sent via FTP to a server at the customer site where they are picked up in real time and then automatically blocked in the switch—in most cases within minutes or hours—rendering them useless for the SIM Box operator. This operator reports that CSG’s SIM box solution discovers, on average, over 10,000 unique SIM Box numbers on a monthly basis strong testament to the high efficiency of CSG’s proactive test call approach.


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