Delivery Notification

Keep track of packages – and customer preferences

When customers order a package, they want to know where it is at all times – and if anything changes. If customers don’t receive updates, they typically reach out to the shipper through the most expensive channel available: the call center. While customers expect up-to-the-minute communications, not every company can deliver.

Delivery notifications provide a proactive form of customer outreach regarding shipment, receipt and pickup. Provide a preselected delivery time, which they can confirm or reschedule via call or text on iPhone or Android. If they’d like to reschedule, connect them to a call center representative so they can receive a package at a time that works best for them. This improves efficiency and reduces costs by delivering packages when the customer is ready.

Delivery notifications make it easy for customers to pick up packages at a retail location. If a customer wants a product that isn’t in stock, make an outbound call or text when the product is available. Package delivery notifications integrate with your logistics system to send outbound communications once an item is in stock and can include tracking services.

  • Increase the number of deliveries and decrease redeliveries with continual updates and automated customer contact
  • Reduce the number of inbound calls to call center staff with proactive engagement
  • Take a standardized approach to customer notifications with consolidated outbound customer communications
  • Send instructions for receiving packages in a timely manner using customers’ preferred channels
  • Minimize missed deliveries and reduce the cost of callbacks and redeliveries


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