Electronic Visit Verification

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Solutions

Millions of Americans depend on personal and home health services from Medicaid. That’s why the United States Congress passed legislation that requires every state to deploy an electronic visit verification system (EVV). An EVV system helps ensure patients are getting the care they need and reduce fraud (12 percent of fraud investigations involve personal care providers or attendants).

States have less than two years to get their EVV systems up and running—all states must have a system in place by January 1, 2020. However, each state has the flexibility to choose a deployment model that will work best for their care providers and Medicaid recipients. One common implementation model is Interactive Voice Response, where care providers check in and out of visits via a landline or cell phone call.

CSG Electronic Visit Verification is a low-cost, high speed-to-market solution, letting care providers quickly confirm their visits through a telephony-based application. CSG Electronic Visit Verification integrates with Medicaid state systems to validate care provider identities, and uses PIN number entry or voice biometrics for additional verification. As the care provider makes their call, the solution uses GPS technology to ensure the provider is where they claim to be. States can then accurately compensate care providers based on the data captured from verified visits.



CSG Electronic Visit Verification helps states:

• Capture and verify care provider data in real time
• Ensure quality care is provided to patients
• Monitor and prevent fraud, waste and abuse
• Increase accessibility (no additional devices or internet connection required)
• Protect patient data through compliance with HIPAA


Download the CSG EVV datasheet today and learn how your state can deliver quality care to patients and streamline the verification process.


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