Enterprise Inbound Voice Services

Decrease costs and time to resolution

Enterprises want to utilize the latest technology to provide a good customer experience. However, new technology can disrupt architecture and hardware that’s already in place, driving up costs and negatively impacting the customer experience.

CSG Enterprise Inbound Voice Services is a completely automated customer communication platform. Our solution helps you reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Decrease the number of misrouted calls and shorten call duration, increasing call capacity. Reduce the need to transfer to a representative, assigning representatives to higher value functions. Rapidly modify any IVR prompts with text-to-speech and “drop-in” capabilities to provide customers with the most up-to-date information without disrupting service.

Our cloud‐based, multichannel communication platform integrates inbound/outbound interactive voice, SMS/text messaging, email, print, web and fax in a common environment. This means that application architectures and data stores are universally available.

  • Personalize the IVR experience with CRM and multiple data point integration
  • Utilize automated speech recognition (ASR) to make self-service easy for the customer
  • Optimize contact center performance by routing calls to self‐service where possible and escalating to live agents as necessary
  • Make efficient transfers to attended contact centers provisioned with computer telephony interface (CTI) screen pop or cost‐effective “whisper greet” feature
  • Access comprehensive, real‐time information on application performance and agent transfer history


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