Prescription Reminders

Increase medication adherence and improve customer experience with proactive messages

Millions of customers refill prescriptions every month. With four billion prescription refills issued in the United States every year, medical notification alerts give pharmacies an opportunity to deliver a great patient experience, increase patient loyalty and create a reliable source of revenue.

Prescription reminders are a highly cost-effective way to automate the prescription refill process. Medication reminders notify patients when their prescription refills are due with an interactive voice response (IVR) application. The outbound application calls patients to remind them to refill their prescriptions. Patients can authorize refills on the spot, even if they don’t have their prescription name or payment handy, and hear when they can pick it up. Patients can also call in to refill their own prescriptions in a few easy steps. CSG’s IVR handles both the caller ID and the callback number on an answering machine, decreasing callbacks to the company’s call center.

Ensure an optimum patient experience with CSG’s web services interface that updates in real-time. It automatically checks that inventory is available and the prescription hasn’t been refilled before any notification calls happen. This greatly reduces the number of invalid refill requests, elevating the standard of care to eliminate duplicate refills for the company. These smart prescription features offer a preventative care tool that streamlines the pharmaceutical process while limiting the high costs associated with interrupted prescription schedules:

  • Increase sales by proactively contacting customers to refill prescriptions
  • Improve customer satisfaction and patient outcomes with an easy-to-use touchtone system
  • Keep patients informed with personalized medical reminders
  • Take calls 24/7 and increase activity during slow periods with inbound and outbound call systems
  • Avoid extensive platform build-out and technical support expenses


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