Gather powerful feedback and strengthen brand loyalty

Gather powerful feedback and strengthen brand loyalty

Customer feedback can make or break a business. By getting ahead of any complaints, service provders can stop customer service problems before they start.

Easily tailored to fit client needs, customer satisfaction surveys (via IVR, Web or SMS) are an excellent way to understand and retain customers. Work with CSG to identify top customer concerns, gather prepare the survey examples using questions easily answered by pressing keys on a phone pad. The system verifies that the correct person is reached before conducting the mobile or online survey.

Give customers the option of leaving additional remarks at the end of the automated survey – ensuring that each and every comment is heard. Once a customer completes a survey, the feedback is immediately posted on a secure site where results can be viewed in real-time. The information gathered is separated into specified categories, such as call center, agent representative, customer account number and most importantly, survey results – making it easy to track agents, contact customers and keep business running smoothly.

  • Reduce costs and save time by automating the feedback process
  • Easily integrate results with your CRM
  • View results in real-time with comprehensive reporting
  • Proactively identify customer satisfaction issues, building customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Provide a risk-free way for customers to share open and honest, yet confidential, feedback


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