Managed Print Services

Craft Customize Streamline Communications
Building relationships with your customers takes many forms—and it often takes the form of communications like bills and statements. The ability to craft, customize and streamline the distribution of these communications allows you to better foster positive customer relationships well into the future.

Branded communications that build and strengthen the customer experience

Transactional documents such as bills and statements are valuable, repeatable points of customer contact that have a significant impact on the customer journey. Maximize the value of each customer communication with CSG Output Solutions.

Simplify and streamline transactional document production to send each customer the right message, at the right time, all at scale. Accurate, efficient delivery of customer statements plus multiple ways for the consumer to pay enables quick collection of sales outstanding.

Extract maximum value from your paid postal costs by delivering targeted ad pages, inserts, marketing and other communication that are relevant to your customers.

“It’s great to see the kind of impact on the customer experience, just through your billing statements. It’s incredible. It’s a marketer’s dream.”


Print Services

Document design, composition and printing

Bills and statements form the bedrock of the customer experience. Make them transparent, accurate, personalized and insightful with CSG Output Solutions’ comprehensive document design, composition, production and distribution services.

Our expert bill designs are customer-centric and operationally efficient. We identify key areas of interest, compose, and tailor delivery of key data to each channel/device. Personalization and customer insights enhance the communication, using APIs to incorporate outside data sources. And our added capabilities such as statement messaging, full color, and the insertion of graphics and/or ad pages ensure that you maximize the value of each customer communications.

CSG Print Services - Document design, composition and printing

Archival Services

Storing and delivering documents electronically to the end customer, CSRs and back office personnel

Archival Solutions include short- and long-term document storage through Statement Express and InView, as well as electronic document delivery through the Statement Express API to end customers, cable service representatives, and back office personnel.

CSG Archival Services - Store and serve documents electronically

Postal Services

Mailing documents to customers

CSG’s Postal Solutions ensure all documents are mailed according to USPS standards. Leverage CSG’s top-ten mailer classification to take maximum advantage of postal programs. Gain insight into customers’ mailing status via our Mail Trace offering and USPS Informed Delivery. And maintain accurate address files with Address Correction Service.

For business and regulatory reasons, many companies send important, time-sensitive documents via Certified Mail to enable proof of mailing, secure delivery, as well as maintain archival proof of delivery. CSG’s Automated Certified Mail solution ensures compliance by quickly and cost-effectively providing proof of mailing and a record of delivery.

CSG Postal Services - Reach over half of all US customers

Print Operations

Clear visibility into print operations

You need access to the most up-to-date information about the status of mission-critical business processes—including the printing and distribution of statements, invoices, letters and notices to customers. Follow documents in real-time as they are printed, inserted and mailed to make more informed, insightful document-related decisions. Our self-care portal, CSG Connect, provides convenient web-based access to critical information regarding your document output and marketing services activities – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Marketing Services

Targeted ad pages, inserts, statement messaging and direct mail help acquire, convert, develop and retain customers

Whether you’re a service provider looking to boost revenue, or a third-party advertiser looking for highly targeted audiences, you’ve come to the right place. CSG provides a broad range of marketing services to improve customer response rates, strengthen retention, and optimize revenue.

CSG delivers statements to half of all U.S. households with a nearly 100 percent open rate. Our technical capabilities, marketing expertise, and strategic connections are behind campaigns that expand reach and increase response rates.

  • Experienced strategy development: evaluation, planning, goal-setting
  • Advanced customer/prospect insights: individual and collective value
  • Single-source solution: concept, design, fulfillment, data services
  • Channel integration: statement marketing and email

Statement Marketing
CSG prints and distributes more than 75 million documents and statements each month for our North American clients. Our statement marketing and insert ads services are economical, hassle-free options that put advertisers’ messages in front of deeply segmented, well-targeted prospects. This must-read medium offers expansive reach without the production and postage costs of direct mail.

Direct Mail
Direct mail remains one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach new and existing clients. Integrated with your multichannel strategy, direct mail is powerful way to acquire, convert, develop and retain your customers. Whether it’s full-color postcards, newsletters, sales letters, or brochures, CSG can produce a wide range of creative and effective direct mail pieces.

Program Management
Our strategic approach to program management includes advanced technology, channel optimization, data management, predictive analytics and real-time reporting. This program management expertise results in intelligent communications that are truly personal, highly relevant and compel your stakeholders to action, delivering the highest possible engagement at the lowest cost. Consolidate your strategic print communications under one roof, with CSG’s print and mail, direct mail, and statement marketing.

CSG Marketing Services - Enhance the statement value

Government Services

Federal and state governments, counties, cities, schools, libraries, and colleges are among the various government agencies that rely on CSG to provide specialized documents and records management tools to manage their critical day-to-day operations and services.

Essential Communications and Documents
CSG produces critical documents for governments that help them serve their communities and operate more efficiently. Our work includes:

  • Compliance documents and regulatory communications
  • Election ballots
  • Election-day supply kits
  • Property tax statements
  • Historical document re-creation, preservation and indexing
  • Specialized, high-security paper stock for vital events records
  • Travel and tourism marketing

Preserving history and efficient archiving
CSG works with local government jurisdictions to meet their most essential data and records needs. We ensure that government managers have accurate record-keeping.

When one county needed to restore and preserve record books from decades-old files, officials contacted us to handle the process. We scanned, digitized, indexed, and compressed the records into a smaller, more efficient format to increase search functions, storage capacity, and save space. When we returned the books safely to county officials, we created an electronic backup of the valuable data as a protective measure to ensure that the records were preserved for the future.


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