Connected Consumer

Opportunities to Connect with Customers
With the perpetual popularity boom of connected devices, opportunities to connect with customers are equally pervasive. And that means the revenue opportunities are endless. We’re experts in helping our customers find those opportunities and tap in to them.

Ascendon Connected Consumer

As more people, devices and things become connected, digitally-savvy consumers expect to take their information, content and entertainment with them wherever they go. And they expect seamless, consistent experiences, personalized offerings and new services, when and where they want them. Ascendon is an easy, low-cost way to build, manage, support and monetize connected digital services from residences to vehicles to planes.

What’s even better? Get up and running in 90 days or less!

Ascendon Wi-Fi
Supports multiple business models including ad-based, time-based, usage-based and recurring plans. Coupled with digital services that keeps consumers engaged and keeps them loyal (think federated identity, digital locker, eWallet, and virtually unlimited payment options), Ascendon provides infinite ways to monetize a connected everywhere experience–on the ground or up in the sky.

Ascendon On Campus & Multiple Dwelling Unit
Cost-effective Wi-Fi hotspots enable direct access to this bring-my-own-device consumer base without having to dispatch a technician. Online, self-serve portals offer comprehensive, personalized services consumers have come to expect. Give customers the services and control they want, while capturing their loyalty now and no matter where life takes them next.

Ascendon Home
Every resident is different, and their connected experience should be too. Deliver the content everyone wants, how they want it, and on their device of choice. Ascendon offers a flexible catalog to sell, rent, and install devices as well as monitor & alert. Support different pricing strategies in addition to B2B and B2C business models that enable M2M and IoT opportunities within the connected home ecosystem.

Ascendon Car
Merchandise and cross-sell streaming content, music and navigation services to consumers right now with the capability to add new services no matter what the next generation of connected vehicles looks like. Enable business partners to access the network and analyze customer behaviors for more personalized services and even offer reselling through a digital marketplace.

Ascendon Plane
Take advantage of this significant, yet primarily untapped market. Airlines and their network partners can swiftly launch an entire marketplace in the sky. Deliver the seamless connected experience consumers want, while opening up new market and revenue opportunities.

Connected Consumer - Content on the go


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