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Consumers have developed an insatiable appetite for digital services wherever they go—and on whatever device they choose. Your job is to give it to them. We’ll equip you to capture their loyalty and share of wallet.

Ascendon Digital Marketplace

Ascendon is a SaaS, cloud-based platform enabling providers to build, manage and monetize new customer relationships while making it easy for consumers to search, find and buy premium or live content through multi-device, omni-channel experiences. Create highly personalized and enhanced customer experiences and offers through cross-channel consumer insights of preferences, habits and history. Provide adjunct digital services that drive new revenue opportunities with existing customers–delivering an immediate block of subscribers who already buy from your brand. Attract net-new business with customized digital content, a seamless digital experience and a self-service approach.

Plus, get up and running in 90 days or less!

Ascendon Identity
Federated model for a unified catalog and commerce solution.

Ascendon Digital Locker
Digital Locker functionality guarantees the consumer only has access and rights to the content they purchased and on authorized devices. Content is stored safely and securely in the cloud for an on demand experience.

Ascendon eWallet
Enable all the various ways consumers want to pay for products or services. eWallet capabilities process payments in any way and from any device, including: prepaid, credit or debit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards or third-party digital wallet o­fferings in real time.

Ascendon Subscriptions
Launch and monetize new digital services rapidly through a federated customer model, unified catalog and commerce solution. Manage new service ecosystems independently, or in conjunction with existing systems.

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