Deliver Live Digital Content
In a world where customers carry a portal to the present in their pockets, live content holds court. We’re here to help you deliver live digital content swiftly, reliably and dynamically.

Ascendon Live

Live content viewing is quickly leaving the boundaries of the home to wherever viewers happen to be and on whatever device they have at hand. Ascendon enables quick entry (think 90 days or less!) into the internet TV market with features like starting a program over when joining mid-show, fast forward, rewind and of course, the ability to record and watch at a later time — features that capture ‘live’ audiences, their brand loyalty and their dollars in this highly competitive field.

Because Ascendon runs in the Amazon Web Services public cloud, it’s optimal for all things live. AWS provides an unlimited supply of bandwidth and scalability taking the guess work out of required capacity and eliminates the need for pre-pay, resulting in substantial savings for Ascendon customers.Latency becomes a thing of the past with multi-geographical access for lightning speed.

Just for Operators and Broadcasters

Launching new services used to require a massive overhaul of IT infrastructure. Ascendon gives operators the power to offer new digital services right now, while modernizing front- and back-office systems at their own pace. Only Ascendon can do that! Plus, the ability to integrate traditional, digital and live services for broader offerings that deliver program and monetization success.

“We’re looking forward to customers being able to enjoy even more of the entertainment they love, whenever and wherever they want”


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