On Demand

Content Platform Tools
Customers crave ease, access and options. And because their demands are your demands, CSG offers all the tools needed to implement and monetize the most powerful on demand content platforms possible.

Ascendon On Demand

Differentiate and monetize internet TV offerings through exceptional customer experiences that attract and build a loyal fan base.

  • Bundle movies and other internet TV service offerings based on consumer preferences and usage history.
  • Slice and dice service offerings any way possible by defining and selling content titles independent of subscriptions — and across device ecosystems.
  • Increase sell-through rates on offers, upsells and special deals with audience measurement tools and a recommendation engine for intelligent merchandising approaches rooted in consumer behavior insights.

Just for Network Operators

Ascendon gives operators the power to offer new digital services right now, while moving purposefully toward modernizing front- and back-office systems at their own pace. Only Ascendon can do that! Plus, all tools necessary to integrate traditional and digital services for program and monetization success.

“The latest step we’ve taken with CSG allows us to pair the highest possible TV viewing quality with an intuitive and powerful consumer experience”


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