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  • Historia de Exito Del Cliente: Optimizando las Operaciones de Servicio de Campo

    Con el crecimiento vienen numerosos retos y oportunidades, sobre todo en la industria del cable en constante cambio, donde adquisiciones conducen a mas clientes que ahora vuelven a su nuevo operador para la atencion.

  • CSG-IM Major Satellite Cable Provider IVR

    One of the nation’s largest Satellite Digital Services Providers saw an opportunity to better control how calls were routed through its call center for faster resolution and an improved overall experience.

  • CSG-IM Fraud Management

    Describes the outstanding results of a top five consumer bank that expanded the range of its fraud verification and notification program.

  • CSG-IM Prescription Reminders

    A case study that describes how a  major North American retail pharmaceutical chain, which fills hundreds of millions of prescriptions a year both
    online and in stores, increased their revenues by capturing more prescription refills.

  • CSG-IM Delivery Notifications

    Illustrates the challenges of one of the world’s largest express shipping and logistics companies and how they  used CSG automated notifications to gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

  • Case Study: Suddenlink

    Suddenlink retooled their statements as part of a strategy to better connect with customers. By leveraging their statements as a strategic customer communication tool, Suddentlink improved readability, highlighted key offers, and provided greater statement customization.

    Suddenlink, a Missouri-based provider of Internet, telephone, and video-on-demand (VOD) services, serves 1.37 million subscribers across the southern United States. With six call centers and more than 6,100 employees, the nine-year-old company is growing fast, doubling its VOD capacity and launching an online video service over the last year.

    Find out how Suddenlink improved its direct mail and saw its consumer ratings jump as a result of working with CSG Message Manager.

  • Case Study: NewWave Communications

    NewWave Communications is a broadband/cable company providing television, high speed Internet, and digital telephone services for residential and business customers in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada and Texas. The company, which is growing by acquisition, recently launched a video on demand (VOD) service and home security/automation tools. Their "Smart Pac" package includes security for customer computers, cloud storage options, and games.

    As part of their commitment to customers, NewWave wanted more dynamic billing statements that clarified billing information, drew attention to new offers, and was easier to read. The company also needed a solution that could deliver more insights into customer reaction to marketing messages, and one that would enable faster changes to statement design. Find out how NewWave is committed to making customer interactions simple and positive.

  • Streamlining Field Service Operations for Better Customer Care


    With growth comes numerous challenges and opportunities, particularly in the ever-changing cable industry where acquisitions lead to more customers who turn to their new operator for care. When multiple acquisitions result in fragmented field technician and dispatch operations, it becomes difficult to manage the front line of customer service in the field.

    Download this case study to discover how one cable operator worked with CSG to create a centralized approach to field service that lowered costs, improved productivity and delivered a better customer experience. Find out how working closely with the customer, CSG deployed the Workforce Express solution across the enterprise within 90 days.


  • CSG Singleview Allows XO to Stay Competitive and Respond to Market Demands

    XO Communications, a full-service provider of communication services for small and growing businesses, large enterprises and other carriers in the United States, relies on CSG Singleview to stay ahead of the competition and offer innovative services.

    Streamlining operations at XO was quickly identified as a key strategy for implementing tighter cost controls and driving profitability, while also keeping pace with the telecommunications market’s high rate of change. XO’s management knew tighter BSS/OSS integration would ensure better customer order flow through rates, thereby shortening the interval from order entry to billing, reducing the work effort required to process an order, and lowering order rejects.

    Discover how XO Communications achieves operational excellence with CSG Convergent Billing.

  • Case Study: Broadband Provider

    A midsized broadband cable, phone, and Internet provider in the southeastern United States wanted to reduce costs and make it easier for customers to receive and pay their bills on time. With residential and business customers across eight southeastern states, our client had challenges ensuring that their statements reached customers in a timely manner from their previous provider—and their customer satisfaction was taking a hit because of it. Customers were receiving bills late and missing their payment window, and access to the company’s electronic billing services wasn’t optimal. Our client wanted to allow customers to pay their bills electronically, enabling them to avoid delays and offering significant convenience for the customer, not to mention accelerating revenue for our client.

    Learn how a broadband provider reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction by moving to the CSG Secure eStatement solution.

  • Case Study: Baja Broadband

    Baja Broadband provides residential and commercial video, high-speed Internet, voice, and data services in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah, with corporate headquarters located in Fort Mill, SC. They pride themselves on providing innovative, state-of-the-art services at affordable rates and quality customer care, with locally run services backed up by a 24/7 support center.

    After redesigning their statements for maximum clarity, they were ready to put the next phase into effect: moving to a more flexible electronic bill presentment and payment solution that would allow customers to view and pay their bills easily and conveniently—and that made it easy to send dynamic, targeted messages to their customers. Explore how Baja Broadband has experienced reduced call times and increased savings as a result of using CSG's Secure eStatement Solution.

  • Case Study: Large Cable Company

    The northeast region of a large cable company—one that has grown into a multi service provider of digital technology, home entertainment and information choices, primarily for the residential subscriber—had outgrown its statements.

    The company, the second leading provider of services in the region, offers video, high-speed Internet, VoIP digital phone service and mobile broadband service. In its 50-year-history, the company had expanded in the region to include six different divisions. Acquisitions were a key part of its success—but with the acquisitions came different ways of tracking data and different names for products and offerings.

    As part of a larger rebranding effort, the company embarked on a statement redesign project. Learn how CSG worked with the company on data standardization, use of color, and ad pages and inserts to make their statements more customer-friendly and reduce inbound calls to the call center, resulting in savings between $223,520 and $279,400 for the first month in call center costs alone.


  • Check Verification

    Paying bills through debit, credit and other electronic means is an increasingly popular method of payment for many consumers. In fact, the number of Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments continues to rise dramatically in the United States. In 2010, more than 15.6 billion transactions were conducted via the ACH Network—a 3.5 percent increase from the previous year.

    Although a convenient method of payment for many consumers of communication services, providers must manage the growing increase of ACH returns due to fraud and other reasons, such as invalid account numbers and non-sufficient funds.

    On average, Communication Service Providers experience ACH return rates anywhere from 3-10% of their total revenues collected via ACH. With the average ACH return around $195, the process of collecting on ACH returns can be a time-consuming and expensive part of doing business.

    Uncover how a North American Communications Service Provider reduced ACH returns by 64 percent with CSG's Check Verification solution.

  • Customer Success Story: Asia Pacific Telecom

    Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) is one of Taiwan's leading fixed and mobile operators, providing services to the Taiwanese market under the brand name A+. In order to compete in this highly saturated market, APT made a decision to adopt both CSG International's Wholesale Business Management Solution (WBMS) and Total Service Mediation (TSM) solutions.

    The combination of rich functionality, automated efficiencies and robust performance in the most business-critical areas of its BSS has driven APT’s growth at faster rates than its competitors. By enabling rapid roll-out of high-value content services, customer behavior analysis and fraud management, as well as lowering the cost of interconnect billing and mediation, CSG International’s BSS suite has provided the backbone for APT’s subscriber and revenue growth. Combined with its market-leading products, CSG’s professional services and support for APT have reinforced the technology, giving APT confidence in these vital areas of their business now and in the future. As a consequence of deploying CSG’s (formerly Intec) BSS, APT is able to offer free on-net calls, and the lowest cost off net calls in Taiwan.

  • CSG Intermediate: Vivo Case Study

    When Vivo launched in 2003, it had 17 million subscribers and was billed as South America’s largest mobile operator. Now owned wholly by Spain’s Telefónica, Vivo was originally the joint venture of Portugal Telecom and Telefónica Móviles and under this brand combined the operations of six of Brazil’s leading operators: Telesp Cellular, Tele Centro Oeste, Tele Sudeste Celular Participações, Tele Leste Celular Participações and Celular CRT Participações. During the period of preparation for its debut, Vivo looked for a mediation provider who would bring the expertise needed to integrate the various operating units. Looking for a provider who would be part of the Vivo team and collaborate with them for this new venture, Vivo chose CSG to provide mediation and interconnection services.

    Learn how CSG Intermediate helped Vivo generate operational savings through innovative technology.

  • Pay as You Drive - Leveraging Technology for Innovative Services

    Norwich Union is part of Aviva, the world’s fifth-largest insurance group and the largest insurance services provider in the UK. Aviva is the leading provider of life and pension products in Europe and is actively growing its long-term savings businesses in Asia, Australia and the USA. It’s main activities are long-term savings, fund management and general insurance, with premium income and investment sales of £41.5 billion and £364 billion of assets under management. Aviva has 59,000 employees serving over 40 million customers. In the past year Norwich Union has successfully launched the insurance industry’s most innovative and talked -about new product –‘Pay As You Drive’ insurance for drivers, with a particular emphasis on serving younger and high-risk drivers who typically have to pay very high premiums using traditional annual single-premium models.

    With Pay As You Drive the insured driver receives a monthly itemized bill based on real journeys driven, enabling savings of up to 30% over the normal method. The billing technology that makes this possible is CSG Convergent Billing.

  • CSG Singleview Helps SingTel Optus Attract and Retain High-value Customers

    Optus, now owned by telecommunications giant SingTel, commenced operation in 1992 and is one of the largest communications service providers in Australia. It has more than six million customers today and provides a broad range of communications services including mobile, national and long distance services, local telephony, international telephony, business network services, internet and satellite services and subscription television.

    Optus introduced superior customer-focused service to the market, along with premium product and service bundles. The corporate and government market in particular was requesting a better method to manage their communications portfolios. To support this business decision, Optus selected CSG Singleview as the strategic billing and transaction management system for their corporate and government customers. They chose Singleview because of its flexibility and functionality, which supports the concept of a “market of one”.

    Learn how SingTel Optus (Optus) differentiates itself from its competitors and creates a valuable service to attract and retain high-value customers.