Integrated Charging and Policy

An integrated solution that controls network usage and optimizes charging capabilities for higher revenue and profits

Profitable delivery against customer expectations for highly customized products and services requires close tracking and control of resource consumption, a smart monetization strategy, and the ability to manage all the moving parts of the equation in real time.

CSG’s Integrated Charging & Policy (ICP) provides a 3GPP-compliant Online Charging System (OCS) and Policy Charging and Rules Function (PCRF) that deploys quickly as either a stand-alone solution or a cost-effective adjunct to existing systems so you can deliver the enhanced services and control your customers want.

Our ICP solution provides a proven roadmap to enable legacy transformation and support convergence. It gives you the opportunity to maximize revenues and profits from mobile data services by offering accurately targeted service features and pricing packages. It also helps mitigate bill shock by providing customers with the ability to manage their service options and monthly spending.

CSG ICP operates in conjunction with existing retail billing and back-end settlement platforms, and directly addresses the challenges associated with next generation services and processes.

Integrated Charging & Policy’s pre-configured functionality gets you up and running quickly:

  • Parental controls
  • Tethering
  • Bill shock and bad debt prevention
  • User defined spend limits and notifications
  • Hybrid accounts
  • Family and corporate group services
  • QoS upselling

“Convergence takes on a new meaning when online charging coupled with customer-centric policy management is introduced into the CSP's business model. Convergent charging is essential, of course, but the customer experience is what dictates ultimate success or failure. Convergence not only of prepaid and post pay billing along with giving customers a level of control in using their services, but also of the customer database and product catalog is vital in creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.” Karl Whitelock, Senior Consulting Analyst, Stratecast A Division of Frost & Sullivan