Integrated Charging and Policy

Optimizing service revenue with differentiated charging

Delivering a truly personalized experience requires more subscriber and service intelligence than ever before, especially if you want to engage at various touch points of the service journey. Policy 2.0—customer-centric policy—requires insights into subscriber profiles, rate plans, usage patterns, and more in order to deliver the individual choices, personalized service and quality of customer experience that the subscriber of today desires and expects.

The subscriber-focused policy and charging control capabilities of CSG Singleview Integrated Charging and Policy (ICP) orchestrate subscriber service and asset interactivity, enabling operators to tap into new revenue opportunities, creating an experience-rich and profitable service catalog. Singleview ICP enhances the customer experience with timely dialogues, quality of service management, and device-sensitive self-care for personalization, status, and advice of service.

Singleview ICP also enables operators to become more profitable by capturing a greater addressable market with tiered plans, service integration and partnered services, while controlling underlying network resources, service access, and resource selection to minimize capacity costs, ease congestion and deliver against subscriber SLAs.

Singleview ICP delivers a pre-integrated Policy and Charging solution. More importantly, it is built with the understanding that an operator’s ecosystems are complex and that many use-cases may require integration with existing charging platforms or the wider ecosystem. Singleview ICP provides direct support for such integration through open standards-based interfaces with many off-the-shelf connectors or adaptors for the most common platforms and network elements. By enabling tight integration, Singleview ICP supports cost effective deployment and accelerates the innovation cycle as operators look to get new digital services to market quickly to capture customer mind-share.

Singleview Integrated Charging and Policy lets you address today’s business performance imperatives:

  • Enable contextual policy control from the business to the network
  • Provide seamless service convergence across segments
  • Achieve low cost change velocity
  • Maximize existing investments
  • Maintain peak performance and throughput

“Convergence takes on a new meaning when online charging coupled with customer-centric policy management is introduced into the CSP's business model. Convergent charging is essential, of course, but the customer experience is what dictates ultimate success or failure. Convergence not only of prepaid and post pay billing along with giving customers a level of control in using their services, but also of the customer database and product catalog is vital in creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.” Karl Whitelock, Senior Consulting Analyst, Stratecast A Division of Frost & Sullivan