White Papers

2012 India Cable Digitalization Study – Key Findings Report

The digitalization process is recognized as a structural necessity to further the capacity of the Indian telecommunications sector (encompassing cable), with
most stakeholders embracing the opportunities it has the potential to create. The migration to digital cable is, however, not without its challenges both structural and service-oriented. In order to capitalize on the enhanced revenue opportunities, vendors along the supply chain will need to be prepared to invest
in the upgrade of their equipment and staff training and the provision of cable billing will become critical in maintaining and growing the subscriber base.

The digitalization process offers the opportunity for innovative business models to enter the market and seize the opportunity for growth, with a particular
emphasis on models that promote interactivity between the cable and broadband sectors.

CSG International recognized there was limited data available on the impact of the mandated digitalization of the Indian cable market and engaged independent local analysts, Tonse Telecom, to undertake an industry-wide study. The key findings are summarized in this report.