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CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions: Connecting to the Future

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are at the heart of the new digital economy. Subscribers and businesses are connecting more and more powerful data devices across the network, sending ‘big data’ flowing across continents, from person to person and machine to machine (M2M), and engaging with applications and services which are increasingly resident in the Cloud.

Few markets are as competitive or fast moving as the wholesale telecom market. With players, partners and subscribers constantly in flux, profitability hinges on a CSP’s ability to reduce costs through improved efficiency and to quickly respond to new opportunities.

CSG WBMS is designed to make you a more efficient and profitable enterprise–in control of your business, and responsive to the changes that are coming down the track as we move from communications to digital service provision, maximizing the return you get from a business that connects not just with neighboring networks but with the rest of the world. A brief overview of Interactivate – its benefits and features.