Core Product Support

Let us help you maximize your CSG investment with our Product Support services.

CSG believes that the more optimized our solutions are to your business, the more value you'll get from them. Our product support teams fulfill a wide range of needs that enable you to fine-tune your solution to best suit your needs, answer questions and serve as an important resource as you run your business.

Whatever your question, CSG is here to help.

Your CSG resource never sleeps. Our support operations fulfill a wide range of needs, including:

  • Receiving of and responding to calls.
  • Logging of calls.
  • Monitoring the progress of logged calls.
  • Securing CSG specialist resources as necessary to resolve open calls.
  • Technical assistance to the customer contact person.
  • Further investigation into calls.
  • Re-creation and proof of problems.
  • Diagnosis of problem cause.
  • Provision of work-arounds (where possible).
  • Correction of environmental problems through remote access, where applicable.
  • Correction of problem reports and provision to the customer of corrected solutions.
  • Technical support for the installation of corrected software.
  • Keeping secure all access information and access key cards provided by the customer.