Managed Services

Optimize your business operations for the future.

Focus on growing your business, remaining competitive and supporting your customers—and leave the management of your Business Support Systems infrastructure to CSG International.

With CSG Managed Services, we apply our experience and expertise to manage your infrastructure, applications and BSS operations to deliver business improvements while controlling costs.

CSGI's scalable managed services platform

Highly scalable, proven solutions

CSG brings together its world-class portfolio of solutions—including CSG Singleview, CSG Wholesale Business Management Solution (WBMS), and CSG Content Direct®—to support the evolving revenue management needs of CSPs worldwide.

These solutions are an integral part of consumer, business and partner revenue management for the world’s most dynamic CSPs today. By leveraging these solutions in a managed services model, CSG continues to deliver flexible ways for your business to grow, evolve and thrive.

With this flexible approach, CSPs can rely on CSG to manage their complex customer and revenue management processes, including on-premise, off-site at CSG’s facilities, offshore, and cloud-based options.

CSG can support your business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Infrastructure management: including hardware, application and environment management; capacity and availability management; disaster recovery; and IT/network operations, backup and security;
  • Application configuration management: including configuration development, release and deployment; configuration support; data management; knowledge management; user training; and project and service management;
  • Business operations: including event collection, correlation and processing for next-generation IP network services, voice and data network services, and content delivery networks; transaction and service-level rating; revenue management; third party settlement; enterprise contract management; and partner contract and dispute management.

Why CSG? Because we know BSS managed services like no other.

With more than 30 years of experience managing highly complex and scalable BSS environments for some of the largest CSPs in North America, CSG knows what it takes to develop, operate and maintain a comprehensive solutions portfolio for our clients.

CSG works side-by-side with our managed services clients to ensure a maximum return on investment. And we keep an eye on the future so that our solutions continue to evolve to support whatever path your business may need to follow.

We also know the results you can realize with the right managed services approach. Our model enables clients to launch new services rapidly, reduce costs and support their customers with the best possible experience.

Our Centers of Excellence in Europe, Asia and Central and Latin America leverage our proven best practices, methodologies and approach to supporting clients in a variety of managed services delivery models.

So what are you waiting for?

Leave the headaches of managing your BSS systems behind, and rely on your trusted partner CSG.

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