Customer Interaction Management

Customers judge you based on what you do, not what you say.

CSG’s Customer Interaction Management solutions are designed around our belief that you can’t just tell your customers you care, you have to show them. Each component of this suite works with the others to create a consistently satisfying customer experience that improves customer retention while managing costs.

At the back end, these solutions help you extract and analyze important customer data so that you can be proactive about nurturing customer loyalty at each and every touch point.

CSG Customer Interaction Management capabilities help you connect with your customers via four robust solution sets:

  • Customer Communication Center

    Our framework encompasses event management, customer profiles, and interaction tracking to help you improve customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Interactive Messaging

    Our fully hosted, cloud-based Customer Interaction Management solutions deliver operational efficiency, customer-centric experience, and enterprise-level customization.

  • Marketing Services

    We offer service provider and third-party marketing solutions that complement each other and connect each advertiser to the most relevant and profitable opportunities.