Partner Categories



CSG International and our Go-To-Market Partners have significant market reach, extensive industry knowledge, business acumen and process expertise. Our global, regional and local Go-To-Market partners possess proven expertise in employing best practices to redefine roles and systems to optimize the use of our combined assets to maximize customer value.




Delivery Partners are companies that provide staff augmentation to complement and extend our own delivery capabilities. These partners supplement our implementation resources to make sure that all projects are properly resourced with suitably skilled and qualified personnel. These partners are selected for their implementation prowess, language and cultural fit with our customers. The partnerships ensure that adequate focus is placed on skill, experience and domain/product knowledge, all of which is combined with our best practices and proven methodology.




  • Technology and Solution Partners our focus is to produce the most powerful and effective Business Support System applications. We rely on the expertise of market leaders in software, hardware, operating systems, database and technologies to ensure that our solutions encompass comprehensive features and functionality, and run on the most prevalent, robust and cost-efficient platforms in the industry.

  • Software Partners. We work with a range of independent software vendors, to integrate with our solutions to provide complete, best-in-class applications. Our software partners provide open, standards-based applications allowing seamless design, build and support integration. These partnerships complement our portfolio to provide specific capabilities for unique customer needs.

  • Hardware Partners. Our applications run on the most cost-efficient technology platforms to meet the needs of our customers. We partner with leading hardware and technology infrastructure suppliers to deliver solutions that are scalable, cost effective, and resilient to meet the most demanding business requirements.