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Digital Transformation

Innovative, lightning fast speed to market, cost efficient, exceptional customer experience…all of these qualities are found in leading digital business models or they are being invested in by existing businesses building their digital transformation strategies.

Field Service Management

Consumers will have more than five connected devices in the home by 2021. For field service organizations, there’s an opportunity to support more complex jobs and deliver a connected, personalized experience that consumers expect.

Smart Cities

It is projected there will be close to 10 billion people across the globe in 2050. To manage the influx, urban planners need to think differently about how they operate, the environments they develop and the constituents they serve.

Omnichannel Lessons from Coffee Companies

It’s not just about bringing the brick-and-mortar store experience to online or vice versa, but it’s about tying all channels together in a seamless way to a digitally savvy customer. The goal should be to create a union rather than separation of all channels to serve every customer efficiently.

How IoT Is Building the Homes of Tomorrow [Infographic]

Today’s homes are more connected than they’ve ever been. Virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa tell you if it’s stormy or sunny outside, while connected thermostats let you turn down the temperature from miles away. But if today’s homes are connected, the homes of tomorrow will be hyper-connected. GSMA predicts there...

3 Trends Transforming Digital Content

One of the basic tenets of today’s digital economy is that change is a constant. Network speeds are getting faster, our connectivity is increasing, and technology is moving at breakneck speed. All of this allows digital innovators to redefine value like clockwork.

Personalization Is Key for a Great Customer Experience

Which company first mastered the art of personalization? Was it Amazon? Google? Netflix? In truth, it was probably your neighborhood mom-and-pop store. Upon entering the store, the customer was greeted by name (recognized profile), engaged in pleasantries (built trust), enquired about the customer’s family (recognized relationships), helped them pick a...

Building Smarter Experiences Through 5G

In today’s digital world, access to online services is a fundamental requirement for business success. Look at the transformation that’s happening in emerging markets as free Wi-Fi and affordable smart phones become the norm. Communications service providers (CSPs) are racing to deliver the fastest, most reliable broadband networks in order...

6 Trends Transforming the Telecom Industry in 2019

With 2019 well underway, we’ve uncovered six new trends that are transforming the telecom industry, sourced directly from our global experts in the field.   1. Customer experience continues to shape the conversation – Brian Shepherd, Executive Vice President and Group President  The exponential pace of change driven by consumer...

Digital Transformation: What’s in a Word?

A picture paints a thousand words — a saying equally apropos for words themselves.  Based on experience or context, a single word can have a wide range of connotations. For example, take  ‘transformation.’ Its dictionary definition is, “to change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose.” Caterpillars to butterflies. The horse...