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Workforce Optimization

Get more from your mobile workforce

Field service in telecom is full of moving parts. Which cost time and money. Optimize all of them—from technician dispatch to reporting workforce metrics—using cost-saving solutions tailor-made for telcos.

Master every element of field service

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Unlock new levels of productivity

See each technician perform more functions with versatile mobile tools and complete more jobs with optimized scheduling—all with less hassle in their day-to-day

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Maximize efficiency with AR

Train technicians faster. Troubleshoot customer issues remotely. Cut truck rolls by over 50%. Augmented reality (AR) tools let you do all that and more.


Pinpoint opportunities to improve

Field service metrics become easier to understand (and improve) when you consolidate performance data into an easy-to-read, real-time reporting platform.

CSG Field Service Management

More on-time arrivals. Tighter efficiency. Smarter resource management. That only scratches the surface of what you’ll achieve with America’s leading field service management platform.
Explore CSG Field Service Management
  • Complete more jobs with fewer techs using optimized appointment scheduling
  • Keep customers updated with automated reminders and en route tech location
  • Increase on-time arrivals with real-time traffic capabilities
  • Simplify complex field service operations with a platform that scales to tens of thousands of users
  • Receive unparalleled support throughout planning, launch and beyond

CSG Workforce 360 

Field techs can’t do their job without their mobile device. Equip them with an app to access work order information, manage site processes and perform other tasks with ease.
  • Boost workforce efficiency by eliminating manual processes 
  • Equip technicians with a 360-degree view of work order history
  • Break down data silos by integrating any system 
  • Customize the no-code platform to reflect your workflows 

CSG Visual Connect 

Let your field technicians and contact center agents see what customers see using the customer’s smartphone camera. Resolve issues quickly and skip the truck roll. 
  • No integration or installation required—your organization and customers can use it right away 
  • During interactions, technicians and agents can mark up images and send them to customers for additional guidance 
  • Keep a knowledge base of marked-up images for recurring issues 

See how it all comes together 

Our solutions optimize every facet of your field service operations, from back-end efficiency to front-end functionality. We’ll show you how. 
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Maximizing Mobile: 5 Field Service Challenges To Tackle with Your Mobile App and Platform 

What can a mobile app do to help your employees thrive in today’s field service environment? Maybe more than you thought. 
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Why CSG  


Operational excellence 

Our routing and scheduling capabilities are helping organizations hit a 98% on-time arrival rate, increase workforce utilization by 20% and create 73% more same-day appointments. 


Lean on us for easy implementation 

With step-by-step support and close communication, our team of experts help simplify the most complex Field Service Management rollouts (and maintain our 100% implementation success rate) 


Customer communication? Done.  

You can integrate our platform with your communications solutions (or use ours) to automate customer notifications, letting your technicians focus on what they do best.

Let’s take your field service to the next level 

Time to evolve your field service management to serve tomorrow’s customer. It’s easier than you think with telecom’s FSM provider of choice.