Internet of Things

Embracing Breakthrough Technology
Today’s emerging technologies are tomorrow’s core competencies. The internet of things is becoming increasingly prevalent in the lives of the average consumer. It’s here that CSG’s strengths overlap—a philosophy of embracing breakthrough technology paired with an unparalleled devotion to customer service.

With every new connected device comes a new opportunity to generate new revenues, drive efficiencies and productivity gains while creating new — and profitable — partnerships

It’s predicted there will be 20-30 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020. Every one of these connected devices bring significant new opportunities for device manufacturers and network operators.

To survive and thrive in this multi-dimensional business model comprised of an increasingly complex web of partners and connected ecosystems, you need a back-end infrastructure that can support the labyrinth of B2B2X relationships. You need to provide a simplified way to deliver any IoT business model and put into place the processes and systems needed to seize revenue opportunities—and do it all extremely fast.

CSG can help you effortlessly manage the complex end-customer and third-party business relationships that make up this multi-dimensional business model. Support complex ordering for traditional services, big data collection for predictive intelligence and convergent billing that supports any strategy. Plus, get up and running in 90 days or less.

“The CSG Ascendon platform allows us to provision our clients’ solution on the network and provide global billing services with a great device management experience.” – Arrow

Check out our solutions for IoT:

  • Ascendon – SaaS, cloud-based platform that enables a spectrum of digital services to capture consumer mindshare and brand loyalty
  • Work Force Express – Real-time optimized field service management that matches the right tech to the right customer at the right time