It’s Time for CSPs to Embrace Public Cloud (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Public Cloud)

I’m not afraid to say it—I am a big believer in the public cloud. With features like incredible scalability, lower costs and serious reliability, there’s massive upside for communications service providers (CSPs).

The question for CSPs is no longer whether or not to embrace the cloud—it’s a matter of when. Public cloud is an inevitability and it’s the perfect time for CSPs to get on board.

I recently appeared on the TelcoDR podcast with Danielle Royston, where we chatted through three key aspects of the public cloud. Check out some of the top takeaways below.


  1.  The Benefits

We could have spent hours outlining the virtues of public cloud, but we kept to the main highlights—unmatched resiliency, faster scaling, as well as elasticity and fluidity. Beyond these tangible advantages, moving to the public cloud must be embraced as a company-changing event. From a cultural perspective, it allows you to constantly invest back into your people. By creating an environment that features a people-first mentality, companies can foster and accelerate innovation.


  1. What It Means to be “Cloud-Native”

The term “cloud-native” has become a buzzword in the telecom industry. Technically, any proprietary service from one of the hyperscalers such as containers or other platform as a service options be considered cloud-native. At CSG, we believe it goes further than just the technical. As believers in DevOps, we think being cloud-native includes aligning product, sales and technical teams. A collaborative, cohesive environment is an important yet overlooked aspect of being truly cloud-native.


  1. Exclusivity vs. Multi-Cloud Approach 

Currently, there’s no good way to move across cloud environments seamlessly. This means that it’s difficult to shift workloads from a hyperscaler like Amazon Web Services to another hyperscaler like Microsoft Azure. As things sit today, it’s best to establish practices and expertise into the cloud provider that best fits your business’s needs. As the industry continues to evolve and offer compatible services, we will see companies utilize multiple cloud providers or specific services they offer to meet business challenges more directly. Until then, companies should move as far into one cloud provider as possible to learn, and grow from there.

To hear more of my thoughts on why CSPs should be embracing the public cloud, listen to the Telco DR podcast.