MWC Los Angeles Conference Recap – Where Content and Connectivity Collided

Over the past three days, over 20,000 attendees converged on the Los Angeles Convention Center at MWC Los Angeles to discuss the latest advancements in 5G, IoT, immersive content, and more. Los Angeles is a globally recognized entertainment hub, and content providers and communications service providers alike stressed the importance of combining engaging content with connectivity throughout the event

CSG’s quick take: CSPs need to go beyond offering connectivity and offer something to connect to. Partnering to offer connected content services is a lucrative opportunity for CSPs and media companies alike.


CSPs need to pair connectivity with compelling content

During a panel on Wednesday, T-Mobile SVP of Brand Communications Peter DeLuca talked about how its partnership with Netflix is to provide a better consumer experience.

“We build partnerships to make them relevant for the customer,” said DeLuca. “T-Vision [T-Mobile’s video service] is a great aggregator.”

On the content side, Warner Brothers’ Thomas Gewecke explained in a keynote on Thursday how mobile is becoming a bigger part of the media company’s strategy. Warner Media was acquired by AT&T in 2018.

“Mobile becoming an incredibly important video platform for video consumption,” said Gewecke. “And that’s something that’s been true for a long time for short-form video, but increasingly what the numbers are showing us is that it is also true for long-form TV series and even for films.”

Connectivity is also an essential part of mobile gaming and live sporting events.


5G will act as an enabler for connected experiences

5G will enable virtual and in-person entertainment experiences alike. In a keynote on Wednesday, Verizon’s Tami Erwin touted Verizon’s activation of 5G connectivity in stadiums like the Pepsi Center in Colorado, among others. Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission’s Kathryn Schloessman shared how the Staples Center recently used facial recognition at an NBA All-Star Game, and pitched a completely connected experience for Los Angeles’ successful 2028 Summer Olympics bid.

On the virtual front, Sprint Business’ Jan Geldmacher explained how Hatch is using Sprint’s network for low-latency mobile gaming.

“5G will enable entertainment and gaming with a low latency, high-quality experience,” said Geldmacher.

In a keynote on Thursday, Warner Brothers’ Gewecke talked about how the media company is incorporating its entertainment properties into mobile games, like Harry Potter and the mobile app Wizards Unite.

“We’re moving towards new kinds of entertainment in many ways will fuse the best the best features of movies and games,” said Gewecke.


CSPs should leverage personalization

5G may be connecting more devices than ever before, but every experience has to be customized for the individual consumer.

“You can still have mass market messages, but you still need to personalize,” said T-Mobile’s DeLuca. “Why am I serving you content if you’re never going to buy a Samsung device or an iPhone?”

In his IoT Talk on Wednesday, CSG’s VP of Product Management Sean Casey shared that CSPs can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they need to use rules and logic to adapt in real time.

“Make sure you understand how that customer is using the things that you may be providing, and understand how they’re interacting with it,” said Casey. “Personalize the situation based on where they’re at in the consumption pattern, and automatically improve and learn over time.”

But consumers can also customize experiences for themselves. During his keynote on Thursday, Warner Brothers’ Gewecke explained how the recently launched Wizarding World app lets Harry Potter fans try on the Sorting Hat using augmented reality and be sorted into one of four Hogwarts houses.

Leveraging 5G connectivity to bring consumers closer to the entertainment properties they love is all part of the magic, according to Gewecke.

“If you’re a fan of Harry Potter or DC Comics, one of the things that you most want to do is get as close as possible to the creative universe,” said Gewecke. “5G will for the first time to give us the opportunity to design entertainment experiences that let our fans have that experience of inhabiting those creative universes, and it’s really, really exciting.”

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