Top 3 Takeaways from MWC Barcelona 2019

MWC Barcelona 2019 is in the books, and it was an incredible week of sessions, panels, demonstrations and announcements. Reflecting on the whirlwind experience of MWC Barcelona 2019, my top takeaways on what the show says about the future of the connected economy are:


1. Customer Centricity is Everything.

The importance of customer experience (CX) was on full display at the conference. As CSG Group President Brian Shepherd discussed in his MWC Trend Watch video, communications service providers (CSPs) understand the critical need to deliver seamless, consistent CX as a key brand differentiator. PwC research has found that 75 percent of people in the United States consider CX to be an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Which his why more and more CSPs are investing in the right technology to achieve this.


2. Fraud Prevention is Getting Smarter.

The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are endless. One of the most consequential uses is how it is impacting CSPs approach to fraud prevention, which was reflected in several announcements made at the show. There’s a significant opportunity for advanced computing to identify irregularities and notify telecommunications companies in real-time of potential fraud in their billing process.


3. Collaboration is Growing.

As CSG Corporate Strategist Michael Brown discussed from the show floor: one of the biggest industry opportunities is building, at scale, partner ecosystems. Calling back to my earlier point, driving innovation for customers is more than any one single brand can do alone. Whether that means bringing together expertise in core areas like IoT monetization or digital services, collaboration ensures survival and success as the connected economy expands.

MWC Barcelona 2019 was a strong indicator that the connected economy is rife with challenges and opportunities. What were your key takeaways from the conference? Share with me with in the comments, or connect with me directly to keep the conversation going.