CSG Assure Contact Center Testing

Optimize your customer experience with our managed service testing and quality assurance solution powered by the biggest global test network in the industry.

Proactively optimize your customer experience

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Local customer simulation

Simulate customers in more than 500 fixed and mobile networks globally to interactively test and proactively monitor, alert and solve problems before they become an issue.

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Contact center access testing

Test the connectivity and call quality experience of both platform and agent interactions.

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IVR navigation testing

Validate customer navigation through the IVR menu structure.

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Rapid launch and ongoing management

Deploy in the cloud and benefit from continuous test execution and results monitoring by CSG.

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Identify and fix problems fast

Drill down on interactive dashboards to spot trends and understand performance so you can route alerts to the right team for action and resolution.

Detect problems fast and solve them before they reach customers

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  • Is my customer experience consistent across countries and networks?
  • Is my contact center platform set up correctly?
  • Is my IVR accessible and performing well 24/7?
  • Get answers to all these questions and more.

IVR access testing

Ensure customers can call your contact center numbers anywhere, anytime

Ensure customers can call your contact center numbers anywhere, anytime

Call the IVR access number from in-country mobile and fixed lines to verify the true customer calling experience. Is the call answered quickly? Is the expected welcome announcement heard? Does touch tone navigation work? Is the voice quality good? Answer all these questions with CSG Assure IVR Access Testing.

IVR navigation testing

Verify the IVR is set up correctly and test customer navigation through IVR menus

Verify the IVR is set up correctly and test customer navigation through IVR menus

Verify the user can navigate properly through the IVR tree. Validate that the user ends up in the expected nodes in each of your pre-defined navigation scenarios and confirm that touch tone and voice navigation work.

IVR tree definition

Make the system aware of the IVR structure.

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User journeys

Simulate different users’ navigation through the IVR menus.

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Navigation alternatives

Navigate through the IVR with touch tones (DTMF) or voice.

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Voice quality verification

Capture the audio and verify the voice quality in each visited IVR node.

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IVR transcripts

Provide speech-to-text generation and matching to verify the IVR tree location.

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Partial or complete IVR test

Validate different navigation paths, including the compete IVR tree.

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Enabling features


Connectivity confirmation

Check IVR connectivity, including answer success and delay. Simulate calls from in-country mobile and fixed numbers. Identify and resolve issues quickly. Attractive commercials enable cost-effective continuous testing.


Voice quality validation

Optimize your customer experience by simulating customer calls to validate experienced audio quality. Generate objective audio quality scores with the industry-standard POLQA algorithm for a reliable voice quality. assessment.


Touch tone verification

Verify that the customer can navigate the IVR with DTMF touch tones to reach the right department and enter their PIN. Identify problems created by calling from specific fixed or mobile telecom networks.


Mobile & fixed caller simulation

Verify your numbers using multiple in-country fixed and mobile network operators powered by CSG’s unmatched global test network with 500 test nodes in over 150 countries. Provide intelligence to your voice provider to assist with problem resolution.


IVR tree mapping & user journeys

Define the user journeys and test cases to be carried out. Create a map of the IVR to inform the system of the expected IVR structure with menu messages and user options for automatic validation. Generate menu audio message text transcripts and handle different IVR configurations based on time of day and date.


Continuous SLA monitoring

Cost-effective, continuous testing ensures real-time identification and notification of connectivity problems, as well as audio quality or touch tone issues. View live service performance in interactive dashboards and receive alerts when problems arise.

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Interactive dashboards & alerts

View the results of interactive testing and continuous service monitoring. Drill down from summary level to individual test results. Zoom in on highlighted issues and trigger alerts when test cases fail.


Multi-customer support for CSPs

CSPs can manage contact center testing for individual enterprise customers and give them access to interactive dashboards to view and analyze their test results.


Cloud-based service

All solution setup, operations and ongoing management services are carried out by CSG. We give you access to dashboards and reports and allow you to run your own tests when needed, as well as defining QoS thresholds and alerts. Rest API access is provided for test triggering and result capture from another system.

Why CSG for contact center testing?


Unmatched global test network

Simulate callers using 500 test nodes in over 150 countries for both mobile and fixed (SIP) networks.


Optimize customer experience

Testing that the IVR connectivity works is only part of the picture. You also need to verify audio quality, navigation and touch tone operation. Our solution tests all of these.

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Cost effective

Attractive commercials gives you the ability to continuously test a mix of different scenarios.


Multi-customer support For CSPs

Manage contact center testing for individual enterprise customers.


Alerts and dashboards functionality

Get early visibility of problems and raise alerts for fast resolution.


Offered as a cloud service

CSG deploys, manages and operates the solution for you—saving you time and money.

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